Welding and Fabrication.

What are welding and fabrication services?

Services that revolve around welding and fabrication includes a variety of options, depending on the customer's needs. In essence, these are services that provide customized metal processing. Such services include ironwork, structure construction, machining, among others. Welding, for example, can be categorized in different types, but the main point is that it needs technical equipment and experienced people to get quality results.

Customers and bidders must have the necessary specification, so that the shop you are contracting knows whether it can deliver results to your expectation. Not all services are available in all of these types of businesses. Specifications such as the material to be customized - whether iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, among others - must be detailed. The type of work to be done should also be provided. Typically, the services that these businesses can provide include fusion welding, brazing and soldering, surface repair, orbital welding, among others.

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Quoting and Bidding Process

Welding and fabrication, given the technical skills needed to customize metal, does not come cheap. For government offices or private firms that engage in construction, for example, an important part of choosing which shop to go with is through a bidding process. Bidding usually involves having different businesses present their plans, time frame and corresponding prices for the services that they offer. From this, private firms and governments decide which party to sign a contract with. For small-time enterprises that do not need the formal process of bidding, getting quotes from several different shops will help you assess and compare costs. Depending on the magnitude and nature of work to be done, the bidding and quoting process will help customers to properly decide on the service and service provider that best suits their needs.


Welding and fabrication are complicated and are often dangerous work, so having the right and skillful people to get the job done is the best course of action. The most basic information that should be available to these shops are what kind of specific service you need and what materials they may be working on. As different businesses do not offer the same service, this can narrow down your choices. Also, to save in costs, knowing the shops you intend to contract, as well as the prices that they offer will also do much in the long run. A shop's reputation regarding the quality of their services is also best to be considered when choosing.